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WordPress is one of the best platforms to build a website, both because of the wide array of available functionality and the number of themes available for it. However, in order to build a truly successful blog, you’ll probably need a premium theme that brings the best features with it. Continue reading

12 Essential Plugins for WordPress Ecommerce Sites


Many WordPress site owners are passionate about subjects like Design, Social Media, Cooking or Art. They work on their WordPress site part time and dream for their passion to lead to generating some money so that they can spend more time doing something they love.

Given the thousands of WordPress plug-ins available, where do these independent creatives start. It can be daunting, and too many plug-ins might slow down your site or increase the chances of a security risk.

The idea of adding ecommerce to your site so that you can securely sell digital files like ebooks or offer paid consultation session is attractive. However, for non-technical owners adding ecommerce to WordPress meant using feature rich ecommerce solutions like WooCommerce or WP e-Commerce. Each is well-respected solutions but seem like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

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9 Great Tools for Creating Infographics


Five years ago, “infographic” wasn’t even a word. Now, sharable, clickable, interactive infographics are one of the cornerstones of a successful online marketing campaign, and there are dozens of ways … Continue reading

MailChimp vs Aweber: The Showdown Between Two Autoresponder Giants


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7 Tips to Create an Autoresponder Series That Really Engages Your Readers


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How To Use Social Media To Gain Trust For Your PR Efforts


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3 Essential Tips to Create a Flat Design


The designs reflect the avoidance of states of intricacies. The power of a simple flat design is that it turns away the natural techniques of using strokes, drop shadows and numerous other elements … Continue reading

30 Amazing WordPress Themes with Full Screen Sliders


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