Take your Blogging to the Next Level, Join PayPal Certified Developer Program

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If you want to attract new blogging and acquire recognition for your PayPal development expertise then PayPal Certified Developer Program is ideal for you. All you have to do is clear an online exam that will test your understanding of PayPal and you are good to go.

Why Get Certified?

You all must be wondering what the need of getting certified is. What good it will bring into your life? Well it’s simple; PayPal Certified Developers are trusted by potential clients. Merchants blindly rely on such developers whenever they need help with PayPal integrations and they know that only certified developers can deliver the desired outcome.

Being a PayPal Certified Developer you get:

  • Recognition for your PayPal development skill in industry
  • Instantaneous credibility with merchants who seek integration help
  • Being listed in PayPal Certified Developer Directory which is used by merchants when they are looking for talented developers
  • A logo of PayPal Certified Developer displayed on your webpage and emails

New Certification 2.0 Exams Available!

A chance to avail PayPal Certification is now up for grabs. There is one stage of examination, which comprises testing your knowledge in key areas regarding PayPal products and payment card industry standards. Developers need to clear all three exams to get certified. The cost of each exam is $100 USD.

The PayPal certification exams are administered by a third party testing firm. It is an online exam which contains multiple choice question, fill in the blanks, matching etc.

You need to have a PayPal account to get access to pages where non-members cannot reach. These pages contain information about the certification and other resources of PayPal Certified Developers which you need to consider before applying.


Getting Certified:

When you have made up your mind to become a PayPal Certified Developer, following are the steps to take:

1.      Study for the Certified Developer Exam

The PayPal exam covers the following topics:

  • Website Payments Standard
  • Website Payments Pro
  • Payflow Gateway products
  • Payment card industry standards

To clear the exam you need to prepare. Reading material includes: Curriculum Map for documentation and topics to review. In order to deepen your knowledge regarding PayPal and to be able to answer majority of the questions in exam, you need to go through Training Library and Technical Documentation for additional resources.

2.      Taking the Three Exams

In order to become a PayPal certificate holder you need to pass a set of three exams. Your queries about taking and retaking the exams, costs of each exam and how to prepare for each exam will be answered through Certified Developer FAQ’s on their official webpage.

3.     Completing the Certification Process

When you have attained passing marks in all the three exams, you will get an email from PayPal within a day or so, the mail will ask you to accept the certification program agreement. And that’s about it- you are now a Certified Developer. You will receive your certificate if you accept and also access to your logo which you can officially display on your own webpage and profile on networking sites, your email signature, business card and wherever you please.

You can always email PayPal for further queries.

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  1. Hmm, nice info and an attractive event. But it will not help me though :( I don’t have even a PayPal account as it isn’t available in my country Pakistan.

  2. its great i want also joint by using paypal thanks for sharing this post very beneficial for us..

  3. Hi Susan,
    I had never heard nor thought about becoming PayPal certified but it does sound like a great idea. $300 is nothing if it would mean becoming a PayPal certified developer. Plus there is a Paypal office about 20 minutes from my house in Hunt Valley. Who knows, maybe I will get a job there.

  4. This is the first time I heard about this exam. How much can we earn approx from this program?

  5. It sounds very much like to Google Adwords Certification Program.

  6. Good exam to take it up, but the cost of exams is the worrying fact. But surely this course will get us recognized better than others.

  7. gajendran megajolla says:

    It was really impressive article. Really interesting post indeed. Thanks for sharing such a good info..

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