Diversity in Blogging! Different Blogging Sorts

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What the blog is need to be cleared first. It is nothing but a record that maintains views of different people on different topics. For the youth, blogging is providing a great discussion platform to participate in any kind of discussion or topic related to the current affairs in any of the sectors which they think as interesting.

Blogging is nothing but a way of expressing ones thoughts on a particular topic. This blogging may be related to a particular topic or it may be individualthoughts. There is a wide range of blogging.

Types of blogging:

There are various different types in blogging according to the sectors in which they are used in the categories. The different types of blogging which differ not only on the basis of the contents but also the way or the medium of delivering them are discussed below

Individual Blogging:

Every individual has a right to personally express his views this can be achieved through the individual blogs. One can update his daily status and the happening things in his life on the individual blog. He can completely express himself independently and freely. Blogs can also be considered as a way to communicate with the people around you. Through individual blogs one can communicate with his friends, loved ones, relatives and also with the whole society. This facility is also provided by some of the social networking sites nowadays.it can emotionally bind people together and also create a conflict between people due to some of the statements which are made to hurt some specific group of people. This can also be considered as the fastest way of communication with the surrounding people.

Business Blogging:

A blog can be personal blog or it can also be for the business purpose blog. Blogs can be used to increase the communication between the people in corporate sector. This sharing of thoughts can be personal or also can be for the business purpose. These blogs can also be used for the marketing purpose. The marketing policy is very efficiently implemented using these blogs. These blogs can be used for intracommunication to inform the employees of the same company regarding some important news or some important instructions. These blogs can also be used for the intercommunication to have a communication between two different companies regarding some business deal or sharing some important events or information.

Micro blogging:

The blogging can also be classified on the basis of topic on which blogging are done. The blogging can be on different topics like a blogging on gardening,on different educational issues, on various projects, on the arts, it can also be on literature or on philosophy. So these various topics can also be made one of the criteria for classifying the different blogging. This way, depending on the sector or field in which discussion is made, blogging is classified. Depending on the category the discussions are of various types. It may be debate or a poll or some kind of rating. So depending on that the groups or the discussion forums are kept closed or opened.

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  1. Wow! I have an individual blog on Google blogspot, a business blog, as well as a micro blog. Thanks for this great article!

  2. What I love about blogging is if you’re blogging for yourself, for a business, or anything else, it’s a way to get share your knowledge and opinions with others who share your view, and a way to discuss with those who do not.

  3. I began blogging individually for the first time about 3 years ago and although you might enjoy it, it is extremely hard to make money from it compared to a business blog I found, with a business one you can write a range of affiliate articles about stocks, finance and so on with, for me, brought in a lot more money.

    Great article! Keep up the good work!

  4. I blog over 2 months but i know there is only one type of blogging is there.Now i know the other blogging sorts and most of the people stick to individual blogging.

  5. Hi Susan!
    Great thanks to you for providing us with a group of information. Well till now i was only familiar with Micro-blogging term, and had not even heard of the rest terminologies. “THANKS A LOT”
    Keep sharing!!!

  6. whatever you choose to write on your blog is what all depends on you. You should carefully choose that on the basis of the level of comfort you feel in writing!

  7. thank you for this post . and i think the niche blog is the best

  8. I began blogging singly for the primary time concerning three years agone and though you may relish it

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