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Post Brothers Apartments, an apartment development company in Philadelphia, knows that the goal of every landlord or property manager is to keep an apartment building filled with tenants at all times. The key to keeping a building fully occupied is marketing that building through the right channels. These days, that means adding environmentally-friendly green marketing practices online to supplement traditional advertising avenues.

Want to add a green Internet campaign to your advertising tool belt? Read on.

Getting the Most Out of Craigslist

craigslist-logoThere are a number of places online to advertise any vacancies in your apartment building. Craigslist is one of the more popular listing sites since it is free to use. But as the team at Post Brothers Apartments points out, Craigslist can be pretty strict about what ads actually get posted on the site.

“Ghosting” does happen to listings on Craigslist from time to time. If the site’s system thinks you are posting too many ads for the same property or are posting spam, it will hide your listing. You’ll receive a confirmation for the listing and even a web address, but a person looking for an apartment won’t see the listing in the search results.

There are a number of ways you can reduce the likelihood of your listing being ghosted by Craigslist. If you are posting multiple ads for the same building, vary the language you use to describe each apartment. Craigslist scans each ad and will pull down ads that look very similar. Use different web addresses or list your email differently in each ad.

For example, you can spell out an email address in one ad: yourapartment at apartment dot com, and use the actual address: in another ad.

Posting on Craigslist is an easy way to avoid costly and non-sustainable physical mailings and signage.

Getting the Most from the Ad

It’s important to put as much information as possible into an online listing, point out the team at Post Brothers Apartments. The ad should provide a potential tenant with almost every detail about the rental, so that she or he doesn’t have to call you up and ask more questions. Your goal is to get people to call you up and ask to see the apartment, not ask for further details before they’ll even take a look.

That’s part of the beauty of internet marketing for apartments: you can be completely thorough in your description of the rental. For example, instead of simply stating that the apartment has a washer and dryer, you can describe the brand, the color and how new the appliances are.

You can also highlight any special features of the appliances, such as being energy efficient, and what those features can do for the renter, such as save them money on utilities or help protect the Earth. Post Brothers Apartments recommends using full words in online apartment listings and carefully highlighting what makes your rental units stand out.


The internet is a visual place. You’ll sell your listings better if you include photos of the building and apartments, point out the team at Post Brothers Apartments. A listing that doesn’t have pictures might make a potential tenant raise his or her eyebrows and wonder what you’re leaving out.

Include good photos with the listing, not out-of-focus shots or pictures taken in poor lighting. Pictures that capture each room in its entirety are ideal, as they let potential tenants get a feel for the layout and size of the rooms. If you have the budget, it might be ideal to work with a professional photographer, note the team at Post Brothers Apartments.

Avoid costly campaigns and environmentally-unfriendly advertising. Take note of the Post Brothers Apartments strategy, and go green by moving your advertising initiatives online.

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