SEO Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

In online promotion everything process is connected with each other, be it search engine optimization or social media promotion, combining them can help you in building strong online presence and getting desired results.

Below are some tips which can help you get maximum benefits from your social media profiles by SEO optimizing them:

Connect All your Social Media Profiles

Social Media Profiles

There are many social networking sites where we can build our social media profiles. To get the most benefits from each of them, we should connect the profiles with each other.

Connecting the profiles enhances the visitors to know about your other profiles. It increases the interaction between the users and company to large extent. The more the users are engaged with the company more is the likeliness of them to convert in sales.

Moreover, connecting several social media profiles gives you the variety in platforms and methods in connecting with their audience, which helps in increasing your audience or online user base. Like on twitter you can attract visitors by tweeting interesting and useful updates about your company and in Facebook you can engage your users by posting cool images, selling them offers running on your site.

Linking social media profiles ensures that all the news of your business is spread on several platforms and will reach wider range of audience.

One thing is common that the motive behind all the online promotion efforts is to drive traffic to your site or business. Eventually all the traffic coming to your site is converted into a lead or a sale.

Highlight Your Content

Highlight Your Content

With changing time many new online promotion methodologies and strategies have evolved but one rule remain constant is that “Content is King”.

Yes, all the efforts can be fruitful only if your content is good and valuable. But just creating good content is not enough it is useful only when there is someone to read it or gain something from it. Here social networks play vital role in promoting your content.

Fresh, unique and valuable content helps in engaging more people to your social media profiles. Promoting your content on social media is also a medium of getting valuable backlinks for your site. Search engines gives value to these links and increase your search engine rankings.

SEO Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Search engines gives ranking to your social media profiles just like they do with any other web pages. There to get high ranking they can be SEO optimized. Add your targeted and relevant keywords to your profile titles, description and tag section.

Keywords can be also be added to your info section, biography of the profile. They can also be added in the titles of the post you can make.

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    Social Media sites play vital role in getting more and more exposure for your business and services, though maintaining lot of social media profiles is not less than from a headache. So I think you should choose few but relevant social media sites where you think your audience spend more time.

  2. Reply

    Great one Kelly! I’ll definitely use these suggestions, but it takes a lot of time because I have too much different social media accounts lol…

  3. Reply

    It’s cool if you’re going to put keywords on your info, but make sure that it’s not going to look spammy, and that it doesn’t violate any rules in grammar. Well, up to the casual level of strictness for the grammar if you’re just writing for fun, I guess. Anyway, Eric is right; it’s pretty hard to manage a lot of social media accounts because it’s going to eat up a lot of your time. Even if you have them all opened at the same time, it’s going to compromise the loading time of the updates for each site.

  4. Reply

    I think the combination of search engine optimization and social media marketing is so huge. They are both obviously the two biggest traffic drivers and to combine them is a very powerful tool.

  5. Reply

    Great post, I must say that I struggle with managing all the various social media websites. It does make sense to connect them all as you suggest, however trying to become known equally well on all of them is the challenge for me.

  6. Reply

    Wow now I have to go and change my social media net work info to gain better use of them. Thank you for giving me even more work! lol No I think it is a great post and I had never really contemplated the use of social media this way before. Well I am off to start the update be back soon to get some more useful tips.

  7. Reply

    I am fond of using social media sites, I never knew that there are many benefit using it, I really appreciate this information that you have shared, you add up something to my knowledge, to be honest before , I really don’t know about this, but now. I do.

  8. Reply

    Social media integration and sharing is a must for any SEO campaign. Google Plus circles will also be essential. Sharing and distributing your website, posts and articles will get your site visible to a wider audience range.

  9. Reply

    Great ideas here! Combining SEO and Social Media is powerful. I agree that Search engines gives ranking to your social media profiles just like they do with any other web pages.

  10. Reply

    Its great that you all like the points highlighted in the post. Its obvious that everyone has too many social media profile but if you centralized them then managing becomes easy. SEO and SMO go hand in hand so if you optimze your social media profiles with your SEO targeted keywords in subtle manner then you cab good results from both the mediums.

  11. Reply

    All so true!In addition, you can use social media for link baiting and add even more value to their use. Social media and social bookmarking sites are of great significance in the SEO world nowadays!

  12. Reply

    Social media marketing are very of close competition to other business media entity. These post can be such a useful fact to fulfill whatever situation I can get into.

  13. Reply

    Hey, this is a really nice set of tips on social media profile optimisation – thanks!

    My one to add: is a useful tool to find out quickly where you can brand yourself through social media – there are liteally so many options…

  14. Reply

    Great job, Kelly. I really like the idea of combining search engine optimization and social media promotion for better online presence and result. Today social media sites have become the most effective way for driving traffic and rightly said search engines are now considered social signals in their search listing and if various social profiles are properly optimized, then surely come up in search listing and help to get more traffic. Thanks for informing the prominent places of keywords for optimizing the social profile.

  15. Reply

    Thanks for your suggestions. I actively use Facebook, Google+, and twitter for my blogs. It’s time I start using even smaller social media networks. I have noticed increased traffic with Google+ circles integration.

  16. Reply

    Social media optimization is a pretty huge thing these days. It super important to have your profiles set up , updated and organized to drive traffic to your website.
    SEO can’t be done without having social media accounts. That’s a fact. Of course there are other ways but they are definatly not as effective and sustainable as with social media.
    I used an Hourlie to set up my accounts as i didn’t have the time to set them all up .
    I would definatly recomment it for those of you with time limitations as mine

  17. Reply

    I also find it difficult managing all of the social media profiles and keeping them updated. It seems like it is becoming more and more important everyday, I guess I need to start re prioritizing to make more time for social media!

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