Link Love WordPress Plugin

Hi everyone, I want to introduce about Link Love, this is my first WordPress plugin up to now, the main purpose of this plugin is give “Link love” to both the webmaster and the visitors who left comment on the website.


Link Love WordPress Plugin
The Link Love WordPress plugin will count the number of approved comments each commentator has left on your blog (based on the author email address) and then reward he/she with a Do-follow link in the Comment Author Link field.

With this plugin you can encourage visitors to leave useful comments on your blog by tell them:

I’m do-follow blog – Every regular commentator will has do-follow link but the spammer is NOT

  • Requires at least: WP 2.0
  • Tested up to: 3.0
  • Plugin version: 1.0


1. Upload the plugin folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Jenni R

I'm a Chief Branding Officer of IntenseBlog Website, a knowledge-hub to help you build a profitable blog. For the last 3 years I have dedicated myself to blogging and online marketing solutions. Connect with me on: Google+, Facebook and Twitter.


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    ugh >_< WP tutorial, nice :)
    this is can be alternate if i'll choose it…xixixi
    nice to meet you my friends, salom from bandung blogger Indonesia

  2. Reply

    This very nice and helpful, and hope it will index the link

  3. Reply

    great ill try this out..thanks

  4. Reply

    Hi Jennifer,

    I still don’t really understand why bloggers like these plugins that count comments. Spammers leave multiple comments in blogs so if you don’t know they are spammers and approve them they’ll end up with dofollow luv too and if you do know they’re spammers you never would have approved their comments anyway.

    I keep asking fans of those types of plugins but so far haven’t received any logical answer to why we would need one.

    1. Of course when using these type of plugin you must moderate comments hard, deny all of comments like: thanks for sharing, thanks you, nice post… but a good comment will make your page still pretty for SEO, they’re adding the relevant link to your topic, make your content fresh and encourage useful comment.

    2. @Jennifer R, why not try using GASP to help stop spam comments. I find that with GASP and Akismet working together, my spam comments are minute, so much so, I can’t remember when my last spam comment was… it was ages ago :-D

      Why not give it a whirl :-)

    3. @Christopher nice plugin but I think the spamming tools maybe clever enough to tick your plugin custom box.

    4. I used to think that too Jennifer, that is until I tried it.

      It really can’t – yet :-)

      I used to have to sift threw around 50 spam comments a day, just to check for the odd good comment that may have slipped through. Using GASP and Akismet I havent had to moderate a spam comment in ages! Little spam gets through, and that’s only user submitted spam, and Akismet catches that for me :-)

      Check out my Philosophy Blog, try it out for yourself and see how well it works, please give it just a few day’s trial :-P

      Good luck in your fight against spam!


  5. Reply

    The plugin now hosted by :)

  6. Reply

    That’s a great plugins buddy. :D Nice to share that.

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    Definitely, I like the simplicity behind the plugin you just made. Hope you put an exclude list of some sort, like if I type in a list of e-mail addresses they’d be filtered out from any link love.

    1. Thanks for your suggestion, the idea is awesome and I will add that featured in the next release of the plugin :) (your blog design is so nice)

    2. A new version of Link Love plugin 1.1 has been released as you wish :)

    3. this is great news! I’ll be sure to try it later. Thanks!

    4. I just tried it now and it works great! Thanks again!

  12. Reply

    Hello ! Nice plugin !

    But the new version of the plugin gives an error.

    “Wrong datatype for second argument in “/wp-content/plugins/link-love/linklove.php on line 53”

  13. Reply

    @Jennifer R : Yeah ! It’s work, great ! Thanks you :)
    Will you put on the “extend” of WordPress?

    1. It looks nice :)

  14. Reply

    Hello thanks a lot for the new version, I had the same error that Valentin

    1. Let’s upgrade to version 1.2, thanks for using my plugin :D

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    Wow! You’ve really got a good blog! Keep up the hard work! Also, thank for the info.

  17. Excellent plug-in. I’ve been looking for a dofollow plug-in that works with author’s email and not url and this fits the description nicely ;-).

    BTW your blog seems to be nofollow on my browser

  18. Reply

    I hope everyone who visitis your blog has a good time here as much as I do.

    1. Thanks you for using :)

  19. Reply

    I’m going to create a new version of this plugin which support URL blacklist, does it necessary for this type of plugin?

    1. It’s TOTALLY necessary. Could you please include a way of removing nofollow from the links within the comments as well? I’m using Commentluv on my site and the commentluv links are still nofollow.

      Thanks ;-)

      P.S: I wrote a review of wordpress dofollow plug-ins scheduled to go live next week Monday and I included you plug-in @ the top. Cheers ;-)

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  21. Reply

    This is a great plugin every blogger need lot of comments and this plugin can give lot of option to webmasters.

  22. Reply

    This is a great plugin. It would be better if it also adds into posts something like “Nofollow will be removed after 3 excellent comments”.

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  24. Reply

    Nice plugin, worth to give it a try now. Thanks

  25. Reply

    Worth to try.
    I saw many blogg that show number of author’s comment

  26. Reply

    Great plugin, till now i used the no follow case by case plugin, but i will for sure try out this one, if you add URL blacklist it would really be awesom.

  27. Reply

    Like someone said above, using these kind of plugins, you will become a target for spammer but if you moderate the comments and use Akismet for the obvious spam comments, they will go away in the end.

  28. Reply

    Oh, I love to hear about that :)

  29. Reply

    I am glad that this plugin was made. I just got this plugin and set to reward after 3 comments. :) I love the idea of socialising and spreading link love

  30. Reply

    Oh, this is a really nice plugin to encourage users to put in comments. Good one, I will take a closer look and will most likely install it on one of my blogs. Thanks!

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  32. Reply

    I really like this plugin. May be I will use this plugin in future as currently I want to pass on dofollow feature to every approved comment on my blog.

  33. Reply

    Nice plugin…I`ll definitely use it as soon as possible…my comment need a boost and this plugin is exactly what I need it!

  34. Reply

    This sounds cool, I think I will try it on my next project.

  35. Reply

    One of the best plugins ever, probably one of the most installed as well!

  36. Reply

    nice plugins this post was give idea about wordpress plugin , how to install, and its really works. I also installed plugins one of my blog.

  37. Reply

    I can’t get my dang PR up but Wassup and Google Analytics says I have a good steady flow of traffic so maybe this plugin will help at least get people to comment on my blog, good or bad. I also use the CommentLuv plugin to help encourage comments.

  38. Reply

    I use the NoFollow Free plugin for WordPress which does something very similar with options to customize DoFollow links for ppl who leave a certain amount of approved comments.

  39. Reply

    Link love is even better than commentluv (:

  40. Reply

    I use this on my philosophy blog, and it works really well!

    Thanks very much, keep up the great work :-)

  41. Reply

    Following u on Twitter Nice plug in i was searching for this type of plugin and finally found here

    @ Thanks :-)

  42. Reply

    good information, very helpful. Thanks..

  43. Reply

    This is really an amazing plugin, am using it on my blog too– thanks for sharing

  44. Reply

    I`am using comment luv but sometimes my comment doesn`t show after commenting, any way to solve this? any help will be highly appreciate. thanks.

    1. Maybe you’re in Akismet blacklist?

  45. Reply

    I usually make a dofollow blog via edit file comment.php
    but after reading the reviews about this plugin, so much easier and faster!

  46. Reply

    Was searching for something like this. Is URL blacklisting or something like that available?

  47. Reply

    Excellent blog! This tutorial was very helpful. I’m thinking about installing this plugin on my blog.

  48. Reply

    Useful plugin, I am thinking of using it on my blog.

  49. Reply

    This is a really great plugin, I have been using it for sometime now.

  50. Reply

    Hi this is truly an amazing plugin, I think I can even use it on my site. I was wondering if there is a program that would help me generate wordpress plugins? I am interested in building my own!:)

    1. As what I know, there’s no program can do that for you :)

      So, you need to learn PHP, mySQL and WordPress to develop your own.

  51. Reply

    I Would love to use this plugin so i can get my links index Quickly too!

  52. Reply

    I like your blog it is look too cool in white color and fully informative for my writing project.Thanks for sharing with us…!

  53. Reply

    Link Love plugin is good.

  54. Reply

    Wow, this is a nice plug in, I will definitely have to try this out. Thank you so much!

  55. Reply

    Wow, I got interested with this plugin seems great. I have to really try this one out. :)

  56. Reply

    This plugin is still best to be able to share another link.

  57. Reply

    Thx! i’m testing hem at this moment.

  58. Reply

    I am going to use this plugin on my blog.. Thanks for this post..

  59. Reply

    I didn’t know the link love plugin yet.. So far I’ve been using Commentluv but I’m not entirely satisfied. Do you think I should try out link love?

  60. Reply

    it is an awesome plugin. I use this plugin in my SEO blog to reward my loyal visitor.

  61. Reply

    It was good to know know about this useful plugin. please keep sharing information like this as sharing is caring.

  62. Reply

    I hope everyone who visitis your blog has a good time here as much as I do.

  63. Reply

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  64. Reply

    Google has said that it will penalize blogs that give Do Follow back links. Because they think it is a paid link. Is this plugin still recommended mate?

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