TheProton – A Brand new free premium WordPress theme

In this article, I would like to introduce a new free WordPress theme: TheProton, it’s a flexible free theme that can be easily customized for any purpose.
TheProton is a Powerful Premium WordPress theme with a clean, elegant design, it’s best for Blogs, Magazines, Gallery and Portfolios.

The Proton WordPress Theme

The theme is very easy to use and modify whether you’re a WordPress professional or just a beginner, with a huge of options in the admin back end area you have complete control of any aspect of any page in your site. TheProton comes with 7+ color variations for you to choose from. In addition, the theme has a lot of great features.

Main Features:

  • 7+ Color Schemes
  • 3 Different Jquery Slider
  • Dynamic Sidebar Widget
  • Cufon Text Replacement
  • Support WordPress 3.x Menu
  • Valid HTML5 and CSS
  • 3 Different Post Layout
  • 30+ Custom Shortcodes
  • Portfolio And Gallery
  • Support WP Featured Image
  • Custom Headline For Each Post
  • Support Twitter
  • Cross Browser Compatibility

Other Great Features:

  • Powerful Theme Admin Area
  • Gravatar Support
  • Image Auto Resizing
  • Breadcrumbs Navigation
  • Nested Comments
  • Author Section enable/disable
  • Related Post Section (automatic)
  • Lightbox Effect for Images/Video
  • Multi Columns Post
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • jQuery Drop-down Menu
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Layered PSDs Included
  • Well Documentation Included


A main homepage:

A 3 columns portfolio page:

A full width post:

The theme is free to use in personal and/or commerical projects but the linkback to is required

Download the Theme for FREE

Jenni R

I'm a Chief Branding Officer of IntenseBlog Website, a knowledge-hub to help you build a profitable blog. For the last 3 years I have dedicated myself to blogging and online marketing solutions. Connect with me on: Google+, Facebook and Twitter.


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    1. Agreed, such a great design for a freebie.

    2. Hey, this is a very nice theme but after I download it, it doesn’t install on my wp blog for some reason

    3. For some reason, I get an error message saying there is no stylesheet when I upload this theme to my account. Help?

    4. Hi Jenni
      The theme is beautiful, i installed it and so far it’s Ok, except the portfolio page mechanism. I can add portfolios, and i see that there should be an option somewhere to collect them on 2 or 3-column portfolio page, but I cannot find anywhere in the wp admin menu to create this summary page (and along with that, adding to the main menu, neither). Please help, should this page have a specific name, or should i set it up somewhere in the code? Thank you in advance!

    5. Hi
      Just tried to upload this to WP 3.3.1. and get “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet”
      Any plans to update it for this version, it looks fab

    6. Hai Jenni,
      i download and nice activate your No1 wordpress Theme. But, One: How can and which place i upload sliders image? give full path? which place i go and upload slider images and activate?

    7. hi

      really lovely theme.

      i’ve been trying to install but wordpress says the stylesheet is missing. i’m running 3.3.2.
      is that what the problem is, maybe?

      thanks, ciarán.

    8. Hi.
      I get the same message about the missing style.css.

      What seams to be the problem? Any advise about how to fix it?

      Great theme.

    9. i want to purchase this theme. i used thesis main theme in my many websites. it has any demo version or not.

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  2. Reply

    Hi Jennifer,

    Congratulations for this incredible theme!

    I don’t know why, but on the preview I get the following message:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /wp-content/themes/proton/admin/post-options-list.php on line 1

    Best regards,


    1. Have you ever edit this file? Or you can replace it with the original file…

    2. hi Jennife
      nice them i currently using thesis main theme and i like your TheProton if we purchase this theme then we can get same features mention in above ya we get also some more features. thanks for sharing.

  3. Reply

    Hi Jennifer, thanks for the quick reply.

    No, I didn’t edit any file. I’ve just re-downloaded and re-uploaded the theme again.

    Let’s see what happens.


  4. Reply

    Very nice template, don’t believe it’s free.

  5. Reply

    great template thanks for sharing

  6. Reply

    Hi Jennifer, just to let you know that the Nav Bar works fine in Firefox and Opera but got problem in Chrome and Safari.

    1. Could you give me more details about your problem? Because It seems worked fine in Google Chrome.

    2. You can see the screenshot of the Nav Menu here

    3. uhm…I’m using Mac, probably that’s the reason of the difference.

  7. Reply

    I am having the same problem as George.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /wp-content/themes/proton/admin/post-options-list.php on line 1

    I have not modified anything. Just uploaded, went to activate it and got this error.

    1. Well, I don’t know what it happen to you, seem this problem is unresolved :(

  8. Reply

    Hi, very nice and complete theme. Hard to believe you’re giving it for free. Thank you.

    I have a question, don’t know if you can answer it: can I do a child-theme of theproton or is there a trick?

    I’m not managing to do it the usual way.

    1. Of course, you could do it :)

  9. Reply

    heyy Jennifer,

    nice theme you have created. kudos from me. I am retweeting it :) I love it when people release quality work for free!

    I have also created one theme ‘Portraiture’. You can check it at:


  10. Reply

    excellent theme, well done Jennifer!

  11. Reply

    Hello, Jennifer. Love your theme very much. However, I too got the message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/ruzihaos/public_html/wp-content/themes/proton/admin/post-options-list.php on line 1.

    Can you please explain how to load the theme? When I unzip, there are four more files to be unzip. Do I need to upload all files or just TheProtonMainFile?

    Appreciate your help very much. Have a nice day!

    1. For anyone else having the above problem of unexpected T_variable – copy/paste the code (shown below) over the existing code in post-options-list.php. You can see for yourself the changes I’ve made. And thank you Jenni for a gorgeous theme. Almost 2 years later and people still appreciate your hard work :)

      “id” => “cycle”, // must match the variable value of the variable name below in theme admin options
      “variable” => “theme_admin_slideshow_style”, // must match the variable name in theme admin options
      “name” => “theme_post_slideshow”,
      “id” => “theme_post_slideshow”,
      “title” => “Include this post into the featured slideshow?”,
      “type” => “checkbox”,
      “desc” => “Yes”,
      “value” => “1”,

      “id” => “theme_post_slideshow_required”, “pre_id” => “theme_post_slideshow”,
      “type” => “open_required”,
      “name” => “theme_post_slide_width_type”, “title” => “Type of this slide: (*)”,
      “type” => “radio”,
      “desc” => “”,
      “value” => array(
      array (sub_value => “full_left”, sub_desc => “Full width image + text on the left”), array (sub_value => “full_right”, sub_desc => “Full width image + text on the right”), array (sub_value => “full_bottom”, sub_desc => “Full width image + text at the bottom”),
      array (sub_value => “half_left”, sub_desc => “Half width image + text on the left”), array (sub_value => “half_right”, sub_desc => “Half width image + text on the right”),
      “name” => “theme_post_slide_title”,
      “title” => “Slide title:”,
      “type” => “text”,
      “desc” => “”,
      “name” => “theme_post_slide_desc”,
      “title” => “Slide description:”,
      “type” => “textarea”,
      “desc” => “”,
      “name” => “theme_post_slide_image”,
      “title” => “Slide image URL: (*)”,
      “type” => “text”,
      “desc” => “The image dimensions should be 960*300px for Full width slide, or 600*300px for Half width slide“,
      “type” => “close_required”,
      “type” => “theme_admin_close_required”,
      // Coin Slider
      “type” => “theme_admin_open_required”,
      “id” => “coin”, // must match the variable value of the variable name below in theme admin options
      “variable” => “theme_admin_slideshow_style”, // must match the variable name in theme admin options
      “name” => “theme_post_slideshow”,
      “id” => “theme_post_slideshow_coin”, “title” => “Include this post into the featured slideshow?”,
      “type” => “checkbox”,
      “desc” => “Yes”,
      “value” => “1”,
      “id” => “theme_post_slideshow_required_coin”, “pre_id” => “theme_post_slideshow_coin”, “type” => “open_required”,
      “name” => “theme_post_slide_title”,
      “title” => “Slide title:”,
      “type” => “text”,
      “desc” => “”,
      “name” => “theme_post_slide_desc”,
      “title” => “Slide description:”,
      “type” => “textarea”,
      “desc” => “”,
      “name” => “theme_post_slide_image”,
      “title” => “Slide image URL: (*)”,
      “type” => “text”,
      “desc” => “The image dimensions should be 960*300px for optimal appearance.“,
      “type” => “close_required”,
      “type” => “theme_admin_close_required”,
      // Nivo Slider
      “type” => “theme_admin_open_required”,
      “id” => “nivo”, // must match the variable value of the variable name below in theme admin options
      “variable” => “theme_admin_slideshow_style”, // must match the variable name in theme admin options
      “name” => “theme_post_slideshow”,
      “id” => “theme_post_slideshow_nivo”, “title” => “Include this post into the featured slideshow?”,
      “type” => “checkbox”,
      “desc” => “Yes”,
      “value” => “1”,
      “id” => “theme_post_slideshow_required_nivo”, “pre_id” => “theme_post_slideshow_nivo”, “type” => “open_required”,
      “name” => “theme_post_slide_desc”,
      “title” => “Slide description:”,
      “type” => “textarea”,
      “desc” => “”,
      “name” => “theme_post_slide_image”,
      “title” => “Slide image URL: (*)”,
      “type” => “text”,
      “desc” => “The image dimensions should be 960*300px for optimal appearance.“,
      “type” => “close_required”,
      “type” => “theme_admin_close_required”,
      // Featured Post Section
      “name” => “theme_post_featured”,
      “id” => “theme_post_featured”,
      “title” => “Include this post into the featured post group?”,
      “type” => “checkbox”,
      “desc” => “Yes”,
      “value” => “1”,
      “id” => “theme_post_featured_required”, “pre_id” => “theme_post_featured”,
      “type” => “open_required”,
      “name” => “theme_post_featured_image”, “title” => “Featured post image URL:”,
      “type” => “text”,
      “desc” => “The image dimensions should be 440*90px for optimal appearance.If you leave this field blank, the theme will automatically use WordPress featured image or get the first image of your post to process as a thumbnail (that image must be in an internal host).“,
      “name” => “theme_post_featured_title”,
      “title” => “Featured Post Title:”,
      “type” => “text”,
      “desc” => “The post title will be used if this field is blank.”,
      “name” => “theme_post_featured_desc”, “title” => “Post description:”,
      “type” => “textarea”,
      “desc” => “The post excerpt will be used if this field is blank.”,
      “type” => “close_required”,

      // Post Layout Section
      “name” => “theme_post_layout”,
      “title” => “Please choose the layout of this post:”,
      “type” => “radio”,
      “desc” => “The right sidebar will be used as default.“,
      “value” => array(
      array (sub_value => “sidebar_left”,
      sub_desc => “Sidebar on the left”), array (sub_value => “sidebar_right”, sub_desc => “Sidebar on the right”),
      array (sub_value => “sidebar_none”, sub_desc => “Full width post, no sidebar”),
      // Post headline
      “name” => “theme_post_headline_type”, “title” => “Please choose the type of this post headline”,
      “type” => “radio”,
      “desc” => “Default value: Default headline“,
      “value” => array(
      array (sub_value => “default_headline”, sub_desc => “Default Headline”), array (sub_value => “custom_headline”, sub_desc => “Custom Headline”),
      array (sub_value => “latest_twitter_headline”, sub_desc => “Show Latest Twitter News”), array (sub_value => “no_headline”, sub_desc => “Show nothing”),
      “name” => “theme_post_headline”,
      “title” => “Custom Headline text:”,
      “type” => “textarea”,
      “desc” => “This text will be showed on top of the article. It’s only show if you choose \”Custom Headline\” above.”,
      // Show featured image or not?
      “name” => “theme_post_featured_image_disable”, “id” => “theme_post_featured_image_disable”, “title” => “Disable featured image in the post page?”,
      “type” => “checkbox”,
      “desc” => “Yes”,
      “value” => “1”,
      “name” => “theme_post_author_disable”,
      “id” => “theme_post_author_disable”,
      “title” => “Disable author section in the post page?”,
      “type” => “checkbox”,
      “desc” => “Yes”,
      “value” => “1”,
      “name” => “theme_post_related_post_disable”, “id” => “theme_post_related_post_disable”, “title” => “Disable related post section in the post page?”,
      “type” => “checkbox”,
      “desc” => “Yes”,
      “value” => “1”,
      // Link featured image to media file
      “name” => “theme_post_featured_image_media”, “id” => “theme_post_featured_image_media”, “title” => “Link featured image to a multimedia file?”,
      “type” => “checkbox”,
      “desc” => “Yes”,
      “value” => “1”,
      “id” => “theme_post_featured_image_media_required”,
      “pre_id” => “theme_post_featured_image_media”, “type” => “open_required”,
      “name” => “theme_post_featured_image_media_url”,
      “title” => “Multimedia file URL: (*)”,
      “type” => “text”,
      “desc” => “The Theme support flash, quicktime, youtube file…”,
      “name” => “theme_post_featured_image_media_width”,
      “title” => “Multimedia file width (px):”, “type” => “text”,
      “desc” => “”,
      “name” => “theme_post_featured_image_media_height”,
      “title” => “Multimedia file height (px):”, “type” => “text”,
      “desc” => “”,
      “type” => “close_required”,
      /////////////////////////// Portfolio section ///////////////////////////
      // Post Layout Section
      “name” => “theme_post_layout”,
      “title” => “Please choose the layout of this Portfolio:”,
      “type” => “portfolio_radio”,
      “desc” => “The right sidebar will be used as default.“,
      “value” => array(
      array (sub_value => “sidebar_left”, sub_desc => “Sidebar on the left”),
      array (sub_value => “sidebar_right”, sub_desc => “Sidebar on the right”),
      array (sub_value => “sidebar_none”, sub_desc => “Full width post, no sidebar”),
      // Post headline
      “name” => “theme_post_headline_type”, “title” => “Please choose the type of this Portfolio headline”,
      “type” => “portfolio_radio”,
      “desc” => “Default value: Default headline“,
      “value” => array(
      array (sub_value => “default_headline”, sub_desc => “Default Headline”), array (sub_value => “custom_headline”, sub_desc => “Custom Headline”),
      array (sub_value => “latest_twitter_headline”, sub_desc => “Show Latest Twitter News”), array (sub_value => “no_headline”, sub_desc => “Show nothing”),
      “name” => “theme_post_headline”,
      “title” => “Custom Headline text:”,
      “type” => “portfolio_textarea”,
      “desc” => “This text will be showed on top of the article. It’s only show if you choose \”Custom Headline\” above.”,
      // Show featured image or not?
      “name” => “theme_post_featured_image_disable”, “id” => “theme_post_featured_image_disable”, “title” => “Disable featured image in the Portfolio page?”,
      “type” => “portfolio_checkbox”,
      “desc” => “Yes”,
      “value” => “1”,
      “name” => “theme_post_portfolio_date”, “title” => “Portfolio Date:”,
      “type” => “portfolio_text”,
      “desc” => “The date of this project.”,
      “name” => “theme_post_portfolio_teaser”, “title” => “Portfolio Teaser Text:”,
      “type” => “portfolio_textarea”,
      “desc” => “The post excerpt will be used if this field is blank.”,
      “name” => “theme_post_featured_image_media”, “id” => “theme_post_featured_image_media”, “title” => “Link featured image to a multimedia file?”,
      “type” => “portfolio_checkbox”,
      “desc” => “Yes”,
      “value” => “1”,
      “id” => “theme_post_featured_image_media_required”,
      “pre_id” => “theme_post_featured_image_media”, “type” => “portfolio_open_required”,
      “name” => “theme_post_featured_image_media_url”,
      “title” => “Multimedia file URL: (*)”,
      “type” => “portfolio_text”,
      “desc” => “The Theme support flash, quicktime, youtube file…”,
      “name” => “theme_post_featured_image_media_width”,
      “title” => “Multimedia file width (px):”, “type” => “portfolio_text”,
      “desc” => “”,
      “name” => “theme_post_featured_image_media_height”,
      “title” => “Multimedia file height (px):”, “type” => “portfolio_text”,
      “desc” => “”,
      “type” => “portfolio_close_required”,

    2. Sorry, the first few lines of code were missing in my previous post…don’t forget to remove stars (**)

      ** “theme_admin_open_required”, **

  12. Reply

    Really nice theme! Couldn’t believe it is for free, nice job.

    One question, is it also possible to include categories in your portfolio? Like a category for photography and one for design?

  13. Reply

    The solution for —- unexpected T_VARIABLE in /wp-content/themes/proton/admin/post-options-list.php on line 1—- is simple!

    1 – Make a backup copy;
    2 – delete from server the proton template;
    3 – Make a new fresh upload files proton’s;
    4 – Use the backup and put the changes in newest files;

    This occurs because the code of archive shuffle…

    Sorry about english…

    And…. Thks Jennifer is a beautiful theme!

    1. Nice solution!

    2. That sounds too scary for someone not so techie like me. How I wish the downloading is made simpler like downloading any other themes. You simply download one file, unzip it & upload in FTP.

      Really wish I could use this wonderful theme… :-(

    3. I got clue. This error is coming in 2 situations.
      1. You are uploading Demo site. OR
      2. When you Unzip and Upload it.

      I directly uploaded zip Main file to Theme folder and used NetFTP to unzip it there. Then it worked. I don’t know why it is happening but it is the simplest solution. Don’t Unzip and upload. First Upload then Unzip. Don’t Upload Demo site by mistake.

      Now someone will please look into my Prob? Posted at end.

    4. Angelo.
      Could you put this steps here, in portuguese, please? I had the same problem during the theme installation, and don’t understood your explanation about how to fix it.
      Você poderia por este passo a passo em português? Estou com esse problema e não compreendi como resolvê-lo. Obrigado.

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  15. Reply

    I guess you already know but your theProton demo is not working.

    1. I thought someone was hacked into my website and modified the homepage, so it was fixed.

    2. thank you!
      this theme looks pretty cool
      nice work jennifer! ;)
      but the “learn more” button on frontpage is a little bit outside and breaks the bottom line
      try this on ID:
      #call_action { padding: 5px 20px 20px 20px }

      looks better, without stylebreaks.
      tested in IE8, opera 10, chrome, ff3
      padding-top with 20px is to much :)

  16. Reply

    Hi i want to install the theme but i get this error

    Fatal error: Class ‘Walker_Nav_Menu’ not found in /home/blabla/public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/proton/function/extra.php on line 50

    can anybody help me with this ? please email me back or comment my comment

    thanks a lot !

    Perfect theme

    1. You could try replacing your extra.php file with the original one.

    2. Hi Jennifer ! Now i do not get an error but if i preview the theme in my wordpress admin theme it is all messed up . I do not see any photos and i do not see the content… I just uploaded the proton main file folder to the themes directory but it seems to be not working?

  17. Reply

    Hi Jennifer,

    Firstly thanks for such an amazingly powerful Theme, I’m trying to use all of the features availble within your theme but probably need some guidance – do you have a little tutorial I could read? I’m interested in how you put Theproton at the top left of the page, how you put descriptions underneath the menu headings at the top, how the Different Jquery Slider works and do I need a specific gallery plugin to do so. This may seem like novice questions Lol but I’m really interested in making the site my own


    1. Thank you for your interesting in my theme, you could find all of your question’s answer in my theme file.

    2. You’re welcome. Thanks for the tip, where would I find that file, could you post the link please – as I cant find it on this page at all.

  18. Reply

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’m brand new to WordPress, and website building. Lately I’ve been searching for a nice WP theme, and your Proton theme caught my eyes. I just finished my ebook on healing individually and globally, and I want to promote and sell my ebook on my site, so is it possible to do that with your Proton theme? I’d like to put a video on the site, and also be able to receive donations/money for healing Mother Earth thru promoting the book and its ideas. Thanks a bunch. Love, Light & Joy.

    1. Well, your website has a great idea, that you can use my theme :)

  19. Reply

    I’m having trouble using theproton with IE6. The jqueryslidemenu doesn’t work good (flickering/no-sticking bug), neither the home slideshow (can’t see the images). Do you have any clue on why this is happening (and what we can do to solve it)?

    Also: how do you insert an image gallery in a post with theproton, is there a shortcode for that?


    1. 7! Sorry, of course IE6 has problems (with every theme…). I meant I’m having trouble using theproton with IE7.

    2. Do you try install the demo file yet?

    3. Sorry, I had to put the site offline and can’t show you the problem with IE7. But I was getting something similar with the demo here in

    4. OK, I managed to put it on-line now. Regarding problems with IE7, which I also found in your demo here.
      The jqueryslidemenu doesn’t work good (flickering/no-sticking bug), neither the home slideshow (can’t see the images). Do you have any clue on why this is happening (and what we can do to solve it)?
      Also: how do you insert an image gallery in a post with theproton, is there a shortcode for that?
      (PS: The site is not completed, credits are not atributed yet. But they will.)

    5. Hi Alvaro, as what I saw on your website, the slideshow works ok, for the image gallery in the post, I were using shortcode, you could check the demo theme for example.

    6. Thanks Jennifer. Which browser did you use?

      You have no problem with the slideshow nor the menu?

    7. Yes, no problem here, I use latest version of Firefox, Chrome and IE8

  20. Reply

    Wow! Can’t imagine this is a free theme! What a wonderful and clean design! Not only I liked the homepage appearance, I must appreciate the single post page design too!

  21. Reply

    Really, it is very complete. So many options to suit everyones need.
    I will try it for sure. So many customizations…. I cant believe that it is free.
    I hope, I can put adverts on main page.

  22. Reply

    Can you please look into this?

    Things I have tried so far;
    – Renamed thumb.php to timthumb.php
    – Updated timthumb
    – added .htaccess
    – CHMOD to cache and temp to 777 and 755 both.
    – Added 6 posts with full specs.

    And all the combination of above. But It is still not showing totally.
    Menus are absent, most of the thumbnails and part are absent.

    My server is enabled for GD Php, Write Mod and security locks are disabled

    What to do to fix it. Exact settings for Proton Panel will be appreciated also.
    Please help.

    1. – Please don’t renamed thumb.php file.
      – A theme may looks strange when first uploading because the missing of the content.

    2. That’s ok. But first and currently everything is default including filename and versions. The Menus aren’t also appearing…
      Any clue?

  23. Reply

    Available is the multilanguage file of this theme? He really is a beautiful work. Congratulations.

    1. Global Translator automatically translates your blog in the following 48 different languages. Try that one as WP plugin.Maybe works with menues as well.

  24. Reply

    I was having issue after issue when I first installed this, decided to delete my entire WP install and uploaded the demo, fixed a few things in the SQL and deleted or changed what I needed or didn’t need in the content and it’s working just fine for me.

  25. Reply

    Hello Jennifer,

    I´ve seen a demonstration of the used shortcodes on your demofile! But i can´t find any codeexamples of them!

    1. You simply need to log-in as Admin account and then edit that sample post to find out how the shortcodes was used, good luck.

  26. Reply


    I’ve just checked out the demo. I’m blown away ^_^

    Great theme, keep up the good work.

  27. Reply

    Hello Jennifer, great theme but i cant activate it. After i upload it to wordpress 3.1 no preview is available and activating it causes the site to crash until i delete the folder of proton. Please let me know if if there is anything else i can do.

    1. It’s strange, could you install it on localhost website?

  28. Reply

    Hi!Great themes jennifer.two thumbs up.i would like to know how long you build this theme?
    In homepage on the latest content area,its shows hover effects with different color when i hovering the image,are possible to deactivate this hover effects jennifer?or maybe the color of the effects can be change?if possible how to do that?

    sorry if my english is bad

    1. Hi,

      I had the same trouble, you need to open the JS files and amend files:
      custom and custom_single

      custom – edit this file just for the home page top navigation
      custom_single – edit this file for all pages top navigation

      Hope this help, if you need any assitance, drop me a message through my website:

      Best regards

  29. Reply

    Great themes jennifer

    but can i deactivate hover effects in the home page and sidebar,if can how do i do that?


    1. You can try EDIT style.css for instance.

  30. Reply

    Hi Jennifer, is there any way of buying this theme?

    1. I don’t know what you mean when I offer this theme for free :)

    2. “The theme is free to use in personal and/or commerical projects but the linkback to is required.”
      – I don’t have problem with your backlink on my page, but I would like if it is not in front of y eyes all the time. So I just want to ask if we are allowed to put your link whereever we like? I don’t want to be rude or something by asking this, but I run into few themes where I was not able to remowe huge link from footer, so I had to give up from a good looking theme. Hope you will get what I am trying to ask here. BTW I tried a lots of WP theme on my blogs, but this one is incredibly beautiful! Congrats!

  31. Reply

    very nice theme really beautiful

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  33. Reply

    I can’t seem to get this theme to work. I uploaded the theme to the server and unzipped it there to get past the T_Variable error but now the theme displays but not readable. Images seem to be all over the place.

  34. Reply

    Is there anyway to create a diferente footer menu from the main?

  35. Reply

    Downloading the theme. :D
    Thanks for sharing.

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  37. Reply

    jenifer, can you send me an email with the shortcodes? i’m trying but i couldn’t upload corectly your demo site….i make mine, but that demo is killing me….my host is olso a crap and i have problem’s with it. If someone could help me please do! Thanks!

  38. Reply

    i upload the demo site but when i acces the main page it shows me the 404 page and all the inks are going to….i can’t even login. This is a nice theme but the shortcodes are hard to view…jenifer you could make a text file with they. Could someone help me?
    Sorry for my english

  39. Reply

    Hi Jennifer, Thanks for the professional theme. Could you please upload the sample data you used in the demo so that any non-techie can download and install?

    Even this will help a techie person too to quickly modify the theme to production.

    Shan Kris

  40. Reply

    hello, I want to know how you can add the link “read more” in a post??
    I have added in the body of the post, but not shown in the front.

    1. You should use “more” (not read more)tag whan creating a new post.Hope that helps.

  41. Reply

    Unfortunately, the portfolio paging mechanism is broken. The fix is to change the custom post query to the following (the only error in the original was failure to declare and set the $paged variable so you can choose to only add that line):

    $type = ‘portfolio’;
    $paged = (get_query_var(‘paged’)) ? get_query_var(‘paged’) : 1;
    ‘post_type’ => $type,
    ‘post_status’ => ‘publish’,
    ‘paged’ => $paged,
    ‘posts_per_page’ => 9,
    ‘caller_get_posts’=> 1
    $loop = null;
    $loop = new WP_Query();

    Next, change the paging function to the following (I assumed usage of the wp-pagenavi plugin. Feel free to change it to the default WP pagination if necessary). The error in the original was using $wp_query rather than $loop as the holder. Also, wp_pagenavi needs the original query to do the pagination correctly.

    max_num_pages > 1 ) : ?>
    $loop ) ); } ?>

    Other than this fix, awesome theme. Thanks!

  42. Reply

    ciao! when i try to install the theme from .zip via wordpress its going all the way to 100% but then the window open to an error page saying:

    are you sure you want to di this?
    please try again

    any idea what should i do?

    1. Download the theme and extract it to your local machine. It has documentation included which WordPress will error out during install. Just upload the theme installation file and you will be good to go.

  43. Reply

    This seems a great theme, I would love to work with this theme and try to customize according to my needs.

  44. Reply

    It’s time to finaly install and try out this beautifull theme! I use a lots of different themes at my sites, and from my expirience I found it all similar, but this is I can say most difficult and hard theme to work on. In my 1st and very simple task, I faild. Can’t make it to change a logo.png. I can’t finde it. So I need some instructions. Thank all for help.

  45. Reply

    Its a very cool theme, but saddly is all broken.
    You upload it by ftp, by zip and all ending into broken layout.

    I pass.

  46. Reply

    I don’t believe Jennifer has created this theme. This theme is strikingly similar in every aspect of premium themes from I have purchased Kriesi’s themes and I know the extensive documentation he provides with every theme and that is where I have discovered that this TheProton theme is very difficult for Jennifer herself to code out.

    I’ve also read the comments and it seems Jennifer does not appear convincing in her replies to solve any code issues encountered by users who have tried to test this theme.

    This theme is too good to be truly free!

    1. You’re so funny, of course, you can ask Kriesi about my theme, I don’t afraid because I do it myself a along time ago, the only reason that I haven’t answer any problem here (and also for this blog) is because I’m very busy with my premium plugin:, maybe you want to check this plugin.

      So when I’ve more free time, I’ll get back with this blog soon.

    2. +1

      Absolutely agree. It’s a very unprofessional behavior :(

  47. Reply

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’m a newbie to WordPress, and currently would like to build my first website. I’ve been searching for a great and free WP theme, and your Proton theme just caught my attention. I’ve downloaded the theme but when I tried to activate it I got the error message “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /wp-content/themes/proton/admin/post-options-list.php on line 1”. I have even tried out following the steps shown by Angelo dos Santos and Mrinal Buddekar but I still got the error message whenever I tried activating the theme. I really love to use your theme for my site and I wish you could me out. Thanks and keep up the good works.

  48. Reply

    Hi Jenni,

    First time here.
    Just wanted to say congrats on the theme, it looks really impressive.
    I’ haven’t tried it yet, but wii do so in the near future.

    Keep it up!

  49. Reply

    link to demo is broken :(

    1. Really sorry, I’ve fix this.

      Thank you for let me know.

  50. Reply

    I did the installation but the error aparesenta: wp-content/themes/proton/admin/post-options-list.php on line 1
    I need help!

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    1. Hi Wayne, I’m so sorry that I can’t allow to give out these information, so please follow the instruction in your download package.

      Thank you

  53. Reply

    Has anyone ever successfully used this template? If so, could you post links to the sites as proof?

  54. Reply

    Hello Jen. I installed this them and was succesful but your default images doesn’t show at all. I noticed there are 4 zip files and I uploaded via FTP the protonmain file, and it was succesfully installed as a theme but no images. What are the real steps to install this successfully , with your default images on it? Please help… I really love your theme after searching for 2 days I finally found the one, like the song.

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  58. Reply

    Cool, very nice and flexible theme.

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  62. Reply

    this is really nice theme… thanks to admin….!!!

  63. Reply

    Does anyone know of a way to make this theme look nice on a 1024px wide monitor? I’ve been poking around and it looks like an absolute nightmare to fix.

    Also, does anyone have a fix for the jquery dropdown menu issue in IE6 & IE7 which Alvaro brought up?

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  65. Reply

    Dear Jenni,

    Your theme so great. And I have posted a copy of this on my website :). Please check this :P

    1. Hey, thank you, you have a nice web design :)

  66. Reply

    hello jennifer, i just wanted to start off by saying that this theme looks amazing and thanks so much for making it free! im having issues with installation, when i run install.php, i get the below error. also, i checked the error log, and it says:

    PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘;’ in /home/highcoup/public_html/ on line 86″.

    i did take a look at index.php, but its only a few lines long since it then calls another file, so its hard to tell where the error is. also, all i did was edit the config file for my database, and i’ve installed wp before, so not sure what the problem is here. could you please take a look and let me know if there’s anything that i’m doing wrong? thanks in advance!

    Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

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  68. Reply

    I am also a WP lover…nice theme and thanks for sharing :)

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  70. Reply

    Hi Jennifer,

    I’m trying to integrate an online shop into my Proton themed site called WP Online Store – in one of my other sites it plays nicely: but in mine it seems to skew the margins somehow… I realise that this is most possibly a theme issue but wondered where I’d start looking to remedy the problem as all other pages and portfolios are displaying as they should.

    If you could shed any light it would be appreciated.

    Thank you

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  72. Reply

    Does anyone know how to add images to the featured slider? Couldn’t seem to find anything in the documentation, and I wasn’t sure if I need to tag featured posts, add them to a specific category, or perhaps add a custom field to get them to show up in the slider. If anyone’s done this already, tips would be much appreciated!

    Thanks so much for such an amazing theme, Jennifer!

    1. Never mind, I just realized that I can’t feature pages, only posts apparently, and all the options for featuring them are right on the add new post page. My fault!

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  74. Reply

    Hi Jenni,

    This is a beautiful theme. At first I was having trouble with installation, but finally uploaded the archive and unzipped after uploading. Now, it seems to be working fine…except for one thing.
    I frequently get errors of this type:
    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /home4/thisisze/public_html/wp-content/themes/proton/function/extra.php on line 182
    …with certain plugins I have tried to use. It always has something to do with the extra.php file. I have not made any changes to this file, but tried re-uploading the original, and it did not make a difference.
    Any suggestions?

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  77. Reply

    elegant theme. :)

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  81. Reply


    I am having problems with the proton theme displaying on IE9. The widget titles disappear when page loads. How can I fix it?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Beautiful design, thanks!

      I fixed the IE9 titles issue by updating the Cufon javascript in proton/javascript to version 1.09i.

  82. Reply

    I’m having that same error when I try to activate the theme as other have mentioned above.
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/content/07/8323107/html/wp-content/themes/proton/admin/post-options-list.php on line 1

    I’m creating a brand new website, no content or anything on it yet. I just downloaded the theme from your website and first uploaded the folder inside the file. Then I saw someone else s post and tried uploading the zip file and unzipping it on the FTP which didn’t seem to make any difference.

    I would really like to use this theme but it doesn’t work. I’ve haven’t changed any files at all. Just downloading and uploading on my site. Since I am not the only one with this problem I would greatly appreciate a resolution. I will tell you any further details you need just let me know. Thanks very much.

    1. It seems like you have hosted your site on Linux server
      I think you are getting this error, because your website is running on Linux server. Please check

      I had installed the them on windows and it was working absolutely fine. After switching to Linux server. The moment I switched to Linux Server, I started getting the same error{Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /wp-content/themes/proton/admin/post-options-list.php on line 1} .
      I think this theme does not support Linux server technology

    2. No No, I don’t think so, because the demo website is running on the Linux server.

    3. I am using a linux server, but if the demo is on linux I suppose that’s not it. Are there any specifications to the hosting I should be using?
      Thanks for the input!

    4. Oh, there’s no specifications to the hosting, just an Apache server with Cpanel installed for easier setup the website.

    5. Hallo, This Theme work verywell in Linux server. i install Fantastico wordpress to my Linux Server. visit my site: its verywell working. No Error. i just Extract Theme>install main Theme>goto Design>No error’s.

  83. Reply

    Hi Jennifer,
    first of all: THIS THEME IS AWSOME!!!
    Thx so much for this free version.

    And now my problem:
    I also can´t get the demo site working :(
    So could u pls send me the shortcuts also….
    This would be incredible.

    Thx in advance

  84. Reply

    Jenni, you’re so nice. :)
    thank you. :)

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  86. Reply

    These seems are worth a try! it is awesome!

  87. Reply

    Hi Jenny!
    These are pretty cool themes. I haven’t tried it before and I’m glad that they are free.

  88. Reply

    I am brand new to web design and am having the worst time with something that must be so easy. I got the Proton theme installed into WordPress without a problem (it’s beautiful Jenni R., thank you!). However, when I try to put in a slideshow, it’s an utter failure. I go to edit my home page and click on the ‘insert image’ icon. I upload a bunch of jpeg’s… click save… but then there’s no option for “insert slideshow”. It’s driving me nuts!

    I know this is probably the most idiotic question anyone here has seen in ages, but if someone could please help me with this, I’d greatly appreciate it.



  89. Reply

    I apologize for my english:)
    Beautiful them..
    I am a beginner in WordPress and I used the last few days on your thema. I’m stuck whit slider on the home page.
    I read the documentation but it is really impossible for me to understand. Please explain to me on the beginer level.

  90. Reply

    i tryed to install the demo site and it doesnt work can you help with this.

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  92. Reply

    The greatest design I’ve been looking for days.
    Thanks very much indeed, Jenny.
    Your work is highly appreciated. :)

    1. Here I am again…

      I just installed theproton in my blog. Similar to some of the above commentators, I found difficulties in applying shortcodes.
      It might be better if you share to us a kind of downloadable file explaining how to use the shortcodes.
      I’d blame myself if I didn’t use your nice shortcodes.

      Thanks in advance..

  93. Reply

    Thanks for sharing. Great Stuff.

  94. Reply


    I think it is still one of the best free themes available with plenty for customization…. But I do however have 1 question.. How can I edit the headline in “pages”? Cause there is no problem in posts, but I can’t do it on pages, except if I do it manually on the php file… but I was wondering if there was an easier way??


  95. Reply

    Having trouble using this theme, specifically gettting it to show up in my wordpress dashboard. Can anyone help me out with this? I’m using godaddy as my host, and they have an ftp manager, where I can browse files on my desktop and upload to the database

  96. Reply

    “The theme is free to use in personal and/or commerical projects but the linkback to is required.”
    How can this requirement be waived? Do you make exceptions? Is there a paid version?
    Thank you.

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  98. Reply

    Hi Jennifer,
    First of all: Thank you very much for providing this beautiful theme. I am having trouble using your demosite in order to see what settings you used to create this website. Do you have any guidelines on how to install the demosite? Strangely, uploading the content of “protonDemo” to my wordpress directory does not seem to be enough. When I do this, none of the sample posts and pages are visible on my website. Thank you!

  99. Reply

    Awesome theme, too hard to believe its free. Upon activation, it shows the Learn More button twice on every post. The slider when hovered upon moves by default. But for the posts, it appears twice, one on the left and one on the right. How do I fix this?


  100. Reply

    Its a very cool theme
    thanks for share

  101. Reply


    Thanks for the theme, very nice but i can’t get the shortcode to work properly :(

    Do you have a concrete example of how to insert short codes into a blogpost?


  102. Reply

    they are many free pemium worpress themes are available. can you tell what is different in this from all of them

  103. Reply

    Dear Jennifer,
    I’m trying to implement your fantastic PROTON theme. Everything works like a sound. But, on the homepage (which I described as ‘latest post’ because of the jquery slide feature) I do NOT want to show my latest posts (featured and all), but JUST POST FROM A CERTAIN CATEGORY (sas ID=16). In that case I’m able to just show (featured) posts I want to.
    However: If I’m coding something like …. …. everything is lost,included the jquery slider.
    I think this is because in your theme you have defined ‘latest’ : …. $do_not_duplicate, ‘showposts’ …. and a string: => (int)$theme_admin_latest_num));
    if ($latest->have_posts()) : ?>
    Can you please help me on this matter? I hope I made myself clear, coming from the Netherlands and not very into PHP…
    Thanx in advance!

  104. Reply

    Dear Jennifer,

    another post, because my coding was gone, surprisingly…

    I’m trying to implement your fantastic PROTON theme. Everything works like a sound.
    But, on the homepage (which I described as ‘latest posts’ because of the jquery slide feature) I do NOT want to show my latest posts (featured and all), but JUST POST FROM A CERTAIN CATEGORY (sas ID=16). In that case I’m able to just show (featured) posts I want to.
    However: If I’m coding something like “…. query_posts(‘cat=16’); …. ” everything is lost, including the jquery slider.
    I think this is because in your theme you have defined ‘latest’ : …. $do_not_duplicate, ‘showposts’ …. and a string: => (int)$theme_admin_latest_num));
    if ($latest->have_posts()) : ?>
    Can you please help me on this matter? I hope I made myself clear, coming from the Netherlands and not very into PHP…
    Thanx in advance!

  105. Reply

    Hello everybody and thank you very much for this clean template. I would like to open my posts galleries with PrettyPhoto instaed of opening them in another page. Is it possible to do that? I guess I’ve something to add in the functions of the theme, right?

    Another thing, it could be very usefull to have all the shortcodes easily shown.

    Thank you for reading, hope i’ll find some help here :)

  106. Reply

    Simply Awesome!!! Superb flexi-theme …Great job guys-n-gals!!!
    Keep it up!!!

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  108. Reply

    Hi Jenny,

    I just got one question. How do I enable category listing? Cause everytime I go to a category the full posts of that article is shown and I only want it to show a “preview” (e.g. only first paragraph) and it gets the entire post and the entire body … so my category page is infinite… I noticed that in the example it only shows the first paragraph under category listing.. could you help me out here?


  109. Reply

    I have been changing themes forever on my blog . Right now I’m using thesis which is simple and good for tech blog. I wanted to ask whether the SEO and search engine ranking will be effected if we change a theme?

  110. Reply

    Hi Jennifer, I absolutely love the theme. I’ll make sure to blog about it.

  111. Reply

    I love this theme!
    I just have one question that wasn’t in the tutorial, and I don’t see that anyone else has asked. Is there a way to take off the “most discussed topic” that comes up in the widget sidebar with the blog posts? It’s not listed under the widget menu as an option to take off.


    1. Hey guys..Has anyone figured this one out yet??


  112. Reply

    is it possible to remover the footer “Copyright © 2010 the Proton. All rights reserved.
    Proudly powered by WordPress – Top” of the templates in case I want to use them ?

    and put another one , or none at all ?


  113. Reply

    Is this free theme, or have to pay to get it?

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  115. Reply

    Firstly, excellent theme. Very well done.
    I have one question and I guess it’s a stupid one.
    I see your section for adding portfolio content post but where I just can’t seem to find is how to add the portfolio itself to the menu so I can view it.
    Your help would be much appreciated.

  116. Reply

    can someone help me on how to install the demo website on my side in order to make the changes please?im trying more than 10 hours and not possible

    1. After you download the zip, unzip it. This will give you further zips that include the demo and main site themes that you can add in WP.
      Hope this helps

  117. Reply

    For the full width post, is it possible to remove the date and author in the beginninf of the post?

    1. Hi Lotus,

      I have the same question too. Were you able to find out the resolution? If so, please share. Much appreciated.


  118. Reply

    Uploaded and tried to activate The Proton. The following reported:

    The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.
    Name Description
    theProton Stylesheet is missing.

    Using Yahoo server.

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  120. Reply

    I love the template and all of it’s customization. Is there a way to redirect the slideshow images from the Posts to Portfolio or Pages? Or perhaps to another plugin, like WP-Property?

  121. Reply

    I get the following errors

    Warning: fopen(/home/razykook/public_html/wp-content/themes/theProton/style.css) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/razykook/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4339

    Warning: fread(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/razykook/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4342

    Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home/razykook/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 4345

    Any Ideas?

  122. Reply

    I tried to use this great theme, but when i uploaded and tried to install to my blog, an error message said it didn’t install correctly because the style sheet was missing. Perhaps it is in the wrong folder?

  123. Reply

    Hi Jenni, I really would like to try the Proton Theme but I’m just wondering, I cant even install the theme to any of my websites. Its always a failure. So far this is the only theme I have encountered a failure installation over and over again without any prompt of incompatibility issues.

    What could be the reason? I’m using the latest version of WordPress.

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  125. Reply

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’ve just set up The Proton on my site and is doesn’t seem to be working properly. Is it compatible with Worpress 3.3?

    1. I’ve developed this theme a long time ago and didn’t test it with WP 3.3.

    2. Hey folks, it’s working absolutely fine with WP 3.3.1
      Check it here at

      Jenni, thank you very very much for this wonderful theme. I like every bit of this theme

  126. Reply

    FWIW, I’ve run into file case sensitivity problems with the main zip file on Linux, e.g. unzipping it gives me lab.min.js but LAB.min.js is referenced from the HTML. I tried fixing a few cases of this, but more keep popping up so I’m giving up.

    You might want to verify that you’re using a modern ZIP implementation. I’ve never seen this kind of problem before.

    1. Erm, nevermind. Seems my hosting provider, 1and1, aliased “unzip” to “unzip -L”, sigh.

  127. Reply

    Thanks once again for the theme. One question though, the theme does not show the unicode characters at all. I use Tamil language in my posts and headings. The characters are not visible when previewing or publishing the posts. The English characters are fine though.


  128. Reply

    Thanks for sharing! This is really nice theme, most of free themes I have seen on net are just too old and ugly.

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  130. Reply

    very nice theme. I am sure i shall be using and tweaking this.

  131. Reply

    After uploading on WordPress and click on install it says that “it is missing the style sheet!” Any clues on where this could be?

    1. Maybe there’s a corruption in the uploading process, you can use your FTP software to try again.

      Thank you

    2. Raquelia, unzip the initial ZIP file, then only upload the to the WordPress Theme Installer.

  132. Reply

    Hi Jenni. This theme is fantastic! It looks great in FireFox and Safari. It looks great in IE9, but it does not show the “call to action” text or the “custom headline” text. Looking at the source code, I can see that it is there. My guess is that they are hidden behind the images where they are located. Is there any way to correct this? Does this have anything to do with z-index? Thanks.

    1. Well, I’ve not tested the theme with IE9, therefor, can’t tell anything to you at this time.

  133. Reply

    Hi, Jenny. Nice theme – Congrats! I would like to ask how I can make an Archive page where I can see all my posts. I see in the demo that you have Blog category – I have tried this with making all my posts to both their category and Blog category, but I think this is not the most elegant solution. I would also like to know how you made in your Blog category to show only the images of the posts or maybe just the begining of the posts? Is it with Read More break?

  134. Reply

    Hi jeni !
    I’m pretty nub with wordpress and all. I just want to view the demo-site locally, localhost xampp etc. But i don’t know how :(

    I would love if you can help me.

    Btw amazing Theme!!

  135. Reply

    I found the problem to why the “call to action”, “custom header” and the single page post titles weren’t appearing in IE9 only. It appears that there is has recently been an update to Cufon to make it compatible with IE9. The version bundled with your theme is v1.09. The version that is compatible with IE9 is v1.09i. Just thought I’d pass it along. Thanks again for you great theme!

    1. Yes, you are right. By replacing 1.09 with 1.09i – all is good in IE9.

  136. Reply

    This is a great looking theme but I was unable to install due to the style.css file missing. Can this be resolved? I’d really like to use this theme.

    1. Same installation problem here: “style sheet missing”. I’ve tried it every which way but the way which works.

    2. Cancel previous comment-I tried again just installing from WP admin and this time it worked!

  137. Reply

    Hi Jennifer, I’ve some problem using Your theme.

    The attachment page showing blank content without picture.

    1. Have you fixed this?

    2. Thanks for your attention, Jenni :)

      Yes, I’ve fixed it. I use attachment script from twentyten to show my attactment picture.

      Very simple script that i’ve used:

      <a href="post_parent ); ?>” title=”post_parent ); ?>” rel=”gallery”>post_parent ); ?>

      $post->post_parent, ‘post_status’ => ‘inherit’, ‘post_type’ => ‘attachment’, ‘post_mime_type’ => ‘image’, ‘order’ => ‘ASC’, ‘orderby’ => ‘menu_order ID’ ) ) );
      foreach ( $attachments as $k => $attachment ) {
      if ( $attachment->ID == $post->ID )
      // If there is more than 1 image attachment in a gallery
      if ( count( $attachments ) > 1 ) {
      if ( isset( $attachments[ $k ] ) )
      // get the URL of the next image attachment
      $next_attachment_url = get_attachment_link( $attachments[ $k ]->ID );
      // or get the URL of the first image attachment
      $next_attachment_url = get_attachment_link( $attachments[ 0 ]->ID );
      } else {
      // or, if there’s only 1 image attachment, get the URL of the image
      $next_attachment_url = wp_get_attachment_url();
      <a href="” title=”” rel=”attachment”>ID, array( $attachment_width, $attachment_height ) ); // filterable image width with, essentially, no limit for image height.

      <a href="” title=”” rel=”attachment”>

      post_excerpt ) ) the_excerpt(); ?>

      <?php the_content( __( 'Continue reading →’, ‘proton’ ) ); ?>
      ” . __( ‘Pages:’, ‘proton’ ), ‘after’ => ” ) ); ?>

    3. I’m sorry. I’ve written the script full in this comment area but this comment area was not showing all.

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  139. Reply

    installed theme, but it failed. Missing style.css.
    Any ideas?

  140. Reply

    my navigation is not showing up. thoughts?

  141. Reply

    Hi Jennifer, I add my portfolio, but how do I have to list them as unable to set

    1. Could you make it a bit clearly, Selçuk?

  142. Reply

    This theme is amazing, but I have a small problem!
    I can’t figure out how to make a drop down menu!!! I tried to find a solution in the previous comments, or in the documentation, but I couldnt find anything.
    please help!
    and again, thanks, love the theme!

    1. My theme uses WordPress menu feature, so you can create a drop down menu by adding sub menu item Appearance/Menus.

      Best regards

    2. Hey! Did U get it to work? I can´t seem to find it.. the drop down menu.
      Having quit some problems in general editing this theme. I´m new to wordpress (3.1.1) and php.. so a videotut. would be awsome.:)

      Gonna keep on trying tho. Looks like a awsome theme!

  143. Reply

    This blog is very informative for me.I wanna read some more about WordPress..!

  144. Reply

    How do you add images to the feature slider after you install the “TheProton_Main_File”? I can’t seem to find where to configure them.



    1. Hey!
      Have you fixed it? I´m having the same problem..

    2. Same with the of problem am have.
      Fix for with anyone? Like with images to put up.

  145. Reply

    You folks just made my day.

    the fix for Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /wp-content/themes/proton/admin/post-options-list.php on line 1 by Mrinal Buddekar is really the bomb.

  146. Reply

    Hey, how can i adjust the pages toolbar just like the image above?? i found that my pages toolbar is below the post, i want to change it like in the image above

  147. Reply

    Hey ,i want to ask something…I use the latest WordPress, but in Appearance>Menus , when i want to create a page with custom links ,there isn’t any “Description” in it, only “Navigation Label” and Title Atribute…how do i put “Description”in it?? so it will show effect when i hover my pointer…just like your demo page

    1. Hi Handito, in the menu creation section you will see the “Screen options” menu at the top, click on it and then stick the Description box.

      Best regards

  148. Reply

    I installed the theme but the following message appeared:

    “The active theme is broken. Reverting to the default theme.”

    what do I do?

  149. Reply

    Great theme. I really love that and even i m downloading the theme right now. thank you very much for such wonderful free theme.

  150. Reply

    Great theme! I got one quick question I’ve failed to figure out. Is there a way I can have the Call to Action to NOT show on the main page? Thanks so much!

  151. Reply

    I cant find any option from where i can add slideshow images. plz guys help me

    1. Hi Tanvi, this option is inside your post content editor page :)

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  153. Reply

    looks like a great theme but when I downloaded it this came up:

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    can you help?

    1. Hi Jenni,

      I am really struggling trying to find out how to add my images to the slideshow. You mentioned that the option is in your Post content editor page, where is this located exactly. Sorry if this is a really stupid question…..

      Thank you

  154. Reply

    Hi !!! I’ve got this problem (message): “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/u838594594/public_html/Blog/wp-content/themes/proton/admin/post-options-list.php on line 1” when i was trying to activate this wonderful theme :// !!!
    So can u help me guys !?

    Thx Jennifer 4 this great WP Theme !!!

    1. Ok, let try this, go to theProton theme option page and press the Save changes button. Hope that helps

    2. I can’t activate the theme (when i click on activate i got this message !!! even the dashboard disappear, so i have to delete the theme to get it back) :( !!!

    3. Fatal error: Call to undefined function phprequire() in /home/u838594594/public_html/Blog/wp-content/themes/proton/function/theme.php on line 1

  155. Reply

    Hello, Jenni! Firstly: Congratulations on producing such a high quality, useful theme — and thank you for making it free for use and modification!

    I have installed the packaged demo site in my dev environment and am having issues with the menu in IE8. Specifically:
    1. The top nav drop down menus are hidden behind the featured posts carousel image
    2. The child elements of the drop down menus do not stay “open” when attempting to hover over any below the first child element

    When viewing your demo site in the same browser (IE8) neither of these issues exist. Could you please either let me know how I can fix those 2 issues, or provide the latest javascript / css files you’re using for your live demo site?

    Many thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you for downloading my theme, the packed that you downloaded is exactly the same with my demo site so it’s weird when you have that problems. Could you please recheck that there’s no plugin in conflict?

    2. The only plugins I have installed are the ones that you bundled in your demo site – and out of those, the only ones that are active are hyper cache and wp-navi. I did a fresh install into a completely separate database / sand box. Just noticed I’m also getting a horizontal scroll bar.

      Any chance you can re-zip your current live demo files in case something is out of sync?


    3. One other item making me think the files are out of sync: I actually found a bug that was preventing the top portion of the site from being displayed at all in IE.

      In /wp-content/themes/proton/javascript/jquery.cycle.all.latest.js on line 1341, there was an additional comma after the last parameter that couldn’t be parsed in IE. Chrome / Firefox / Safari ignored it. I would assume this doesn’t exist in your demo site otherwise yours wouldn’t be displaying properly in IE either.

      cleartypeNoBg: true, // fix background in IE

      cleartypeNoBg: true // fix background in IE — comma removed


    4. For the sake of completeness, I confirmed differences in the style.css and black.css files between what is bundled in your download link and what you have running live — using a diff tool. There are ~5 differences in the black.css file and 1 difference in style.css file.

      If you can re-bundle your live demo site files, I would greatly appreciate it! I think that would be the most straightforward and clean way to ensure I see the same functionality across browsers experienced with your demo site.


    5. My apologies, correction: There are 4 differences between the style.css files and 68 differences between the black.css files.


    6. I managed to fix some of the menu layout issues. I used the style.css and black.css stylesheets from your live demo site to make the text decoration styles (and others) match and to prevent the appearance of a horizontal scroll bar.

      To fix the drop down menu from being overlaid by the featured post slider in IE7, IE8, I added “z-index: -50px;” to the coin_slider class:

      .coin-slider {overflow:hidden;margin:0 auto 10px; z-index:-50;}


    7. Well, you’ve contributed many good tips here.

      Thank you!

  156. Reply

    He Jenni, Thank for the beautiful theme,

    Just wondering if this theme support Right to Left languages (RTL) eg: Arabic.

    Thnak you.

    1. I’ve not tried this theme with Arabic language yet.

  157. Reply

    It’s a nice theme and i want to use it in my blog,

    but i want to be sure that it’s support RTL Arabic

    thank you.

  158. Reply

    Dear Jennifer,
    after the upload of “the proton” theme, i have the following error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /membri/deabusiness/blog/wp-content/themes/proton_test/admin/post-options-list.php on line 1

    Please send me an solution about this problem


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  160. Reply

    I cannot see the Read More link at the bottom of my posts, when open them from Categories. The Title of the article is the link. but I want to have Read more at the point that I have specified when writing the article. How to solve this? Thanks in advance.

  161. Reply

    excellent theme, well done Jennifer!


  162. Reply

    I just tried this theme out. Thanks for the heads up on a great and FREE theme!

  163. Reply

    Nice Premium themes, thanks…

  164. Reply

    Anyone figure out how to get the portfolio page to show 2,3, or 4 columns?

    I’ve seen a lot of people ask, but no answers yet.

    Hi Jenni
    The theme is beautiful, i installed it and so far it’s Ok, except the portfolio page mechanism. I can add portfolios, and i see that there should be an option somewhere to collect them on 2 or 3-column portfolio page, but I cannot find anywhere in the wp admin menu to create this summary page (and along with that, adding to the main menu, neither). Please help, should this page have a specific name, or should i set it up somewhere in the code? Thank you in advance!

    1. annnd i found it.

      you have to create a page, and select the portfolio template. it will then automagically import all portfolios!

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  166. Reply

    Hi, I have a problem with this theme the problem is that: I can not start the slideshow on the homepage.
    You know how to help me? where fishing pictures? I only see white on the slide

    1. You need to have atleast two posts linked to slideshow in order to get it working. This is how I got it working. Also be sure, to add another picture with proper width, to display it optimal in your slideshow.

    2. I still can not run the slide show on the home page on my site, I put the link on my site you could give us an eye?

      does not rotate the images, I see only the white background.
      Help: (

  167. Reply

    Jenni hello. I love your theme but I have some minor issues with it.
    First of it is, that I can’t use letters like these: ČĆŽĐŠ as they are not supported. This is probably related to fonts so I need to change font type in order to get it working?
    Second issue that I cannot resolve on my own is more of a technical. Is it possible to have multiple portfolio pages with different items on them?

    Please note that I’m not a programing guru so any help regarding those two issues is most apreciated.

    Many thanks and keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for your feedback, at your first problem, please change the Website font.

      At the second problem, I don’t think we can create multiple portfolio pages with different items.

      Best regards

    2. Jenni! I downloaded this theme and when i installed it, my whole site crashed! :O it deleted all of it and i can´t access to edit my page! Is this a bug or what!? How can i reverse it?? help! :O

  168. Reply

    Hai Jenni,
    i download and nice activate your No1 wordpress Theme. But, One: How can and which place i upload sliders image? give full path? which place i go and upload slider images and activate?

    visit my sorry our website:


    1. Hi, you could go to WordPress admin panel > Media Library > Add New to upload slider images and then give my them your full image path.

    2. You should bring some posts into the featured slideshow section and add those images to.

  169. Reply

    Any advice for using your theme for a WordPress CMS?

  170. Reply

    Call action give padding:40px your ” “learn more” button on frontpage is a little bit outside and breaks the bottom line’ Poblem solved.

    /* Call to action */
    #call_action {height:45px;margin-bottom:50px;padding:40px;font-size:1.5em}
    a.learn_more {float:right;width:176px;height:57px;display:block;background:url(images/learnmore.png) no-repeat 0 0;text-indent:-9999em}
    a.learn_more:hover {float:right;width:176px;height:57px;display:block;background:url(images/learnmore.png) no-repeat 0 -57px;text-indent:-9999em}

  171. Reply

    Hi, is it possible that the Theme after the last WordPressupdate had problems whith the Jquery Cycle Slideshow and the Featured Post-Option?

  172. Reply

    I put the link on my site you could give us an eye?
    does not rotate the images, I see only the white background.

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  174. Reply

    Hai Jenny, How are You? i am fine. My site working verywell with “theProton” Theme.Thank You. Today i test my site in website. Now Display 32 Post in Homepage. Load time: 54.13s. Very long time loading. i give Only 8 post in Homepage.But, Load Time: 20.22s. How can i reduce Load time? Please guide to me. i add super cache,w3 cache.No Reduce loading time.So, i delete these plugins. any idea?


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  176. Reply

    Hi Jenni,

    could you please tell me how to make a drop down menu with the categories in it. I see only the option to have every category as a single menu block. Is it possible?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Ian, you can set the dropdown menu in your main website Admin panel>Appearance>Menus and put all of your categories as the sub menu.

  177. Reply

    Hi again,

    could you please tell me, how I can make a pagination on the home page. I have now 16 post showing on my home page and I would like to have page2 where are the olded posts. Is it possible?

  178. Reply

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in public_html/diabetes/wp-content/themes/proton/admin/post-options-list.php on line 1

    Why it says this? I

    1. When I click the image comes but why isn’t the preview coming ??

  179. Reply

    This is a very impressive theme and it is so clean and elegant that i mostly like about. The other features are also good. Thanks for sharing it and i am gonna download this theme now.

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  181. Reply

    I have been using your theme on my website for a while now and love it! I did notice one issue on the home page and was wondering if you or someone else could help:

    Using Firefox on a screen that is 1680×1050, the screen looks great. Everything lines up where it should be. On a screen that is 1920×1080, the coin slider is moved off to the right quite a ways. Also, the call to action div has lost it’s white background.

    Is there a quick fix for this?

    Thanks in advance.

  182. Reply

    Dear Jenny,

    we love your theme very much and created our page with it recently. But now I have a problem which I suppose was not mentioned in this blog yet:

    We need these German characters ö, Ö, ä, Ä, ü, Ü, ß for the Dekar Type because we would like to activate Cufon. It is now disabled, because otherwise the characters are just missing in the headlines. With the Aller Type everything is fine. Do you have an advice for us?

    Thanks so much in advance! Barbara

  183. Reply

    I have decided to put on my crash helmet and protective clothing before I dare to ask this question, and it has taken me over a month of trawling every site that mentions The Proton to be sure that there is no answer to my burning question……..

    “How do I install The Proton Theme?”

    I have a website, so I am sort of used to wordpress, but when I have tried to install the Proton theme from my WP 3.3.2. ( using the Appearance > Install Themes option ) ti doesn’t find it.

    I downloaded the zip file and then opened it so I recognize a lot of what look like typical WP files, but it’s just a list of files.

    To setup my site, I installed WP 3.3.2 in the cPanel of my host company, using softaculous.

    But that is kind of by the way…

    Can anyone please go right back to the very beginning and explain the steps I must take..? I’m worried that everyone here already knows certain things, whereas I don’t, so the plainer the explanation, the more chance I will understand

    Big Thanks in Advance – Pancho

    1. You need to download the zip file to you local computer.
      Once it’s on your computer go to Apperance/Theme/Install Theme. Click on uplaod button and locate the zip file on your local computer. That should be it. You must upload it as a zip file!

      If in doubts, also check thiw WP tutorial:

    2. Thanks Microlens… I wish I had asked on this blog over a month ago! I did finally ‘discover’ the magic “UPLOAD” button as my later post explained. but by trying to be logical I was expecting the “install’ option to find The Proton theme and install it ( by whatever behind the scenes magic it takes, like plugin uploads… whoosh and they are installed ) and it never occurred to me to try the Upload button.

      So I managed to install the theme, but with the problems set out in my later posts. I can’t get the menu to work and none of the expected layout of header etc is working and I wonder if its’ due to an incomplete installation?

      You haven’t found my missing css stylesheet by any chance? I could sure do with it now..

  184. Reply

    I am so determined to install The Proton theme simply because it is exceedingly elegant. From my previous comment, you will see that I am missing a simple piece of information.. namely ” How to install The Proton WordPress theme” After trying every source of information I could, I discovered the solution by accident. Having explained that I tried to find The Proton theme using the ‘Appearance > Themes > Install themes in my WP dashboard, and the message said ” Not found” I clicked the only other tab that I hadn’t clicked so far, and it was UPLOADS !! The options says…. ” Install a theme in .zip format
    If you have a theme in a .zip format, you may install it by uploading it here.”

    AT LAST !! So I uploaded ‘” and got an error message ” Upload failed. the Css stylesheet is missing”

    Now I have seen that a few people posted about this back in 2010 but I haven’t seen a single reply about that, so I have now been reading around blogs etc. I decided to upload, and it installed successfully, but it can’t be the full package, surely? I would imagine the is important ? but it is a separate zip file from the

    I am trying so hard to sort this, Jenny. I hope you will have sympathy and help me..

    How do I solve the problem of the missing css stylesheet, and why is it missing in the first place ?

    Yours expectantly – Pancho

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  186. Reply

    I added news of some success in finding how to install the Proton theme, but that when I tried to upload the zip file an error message said .. “Upload failed , missing css stylesheet.”

    I asked how to solve this problem, and my post was ‘awaiting moderation’ and has now disappeared from the blog. Have I done something wrong?

    Hope not _ Pancho

  187. Reply

    Can I show a blog page with widget column like first page instead the featured page? Thanks

  188. Reply

    Please be aware that you have to unzip the downloaded file before you can actually install this theme. After unzipping, you should see this:

    The one you must upload to your WP dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Upload is the last:

    You should have no problem thereafter.

    1. Alvaro, Thanks.

      I had previously unzipped the Proton file and uploaded only the It installed ok but I couldn’t make sense how to set the site up. I assumed I hadn’t installed it correctly and deleted it. Now that you confirm that what I did was right, I’ll try again, with maybe a bit more confidence.


  189. Reply

    Hi Jenni, i have question kindly tell me how i can put all the posts in “Blog” page. currently all the posts are at main page. i want them to go in “My Blog” page. kindly assist me in this case.

    Other thing is i want Sidebar in the pages as well, but i dont know where is the option for that. in post there is option but in page there is not. kindly help out.

    best regards
    Mark J

  190. Reply

    I love this theme – can’t believe it’s free. So many of the free ones look terrible, but this one looks super classy.

  191. Reply

    In the porton theme dose it got to be a premium so I could have a drop down list form the top menu bar ?

  192. Reply

    Can you please help me with getting this site uploaded. Every time I get this error message on WordPress “PSD Style sheet missing, the same goes for the Demo Site. I am unable to locate the Theme Post Settings to upload slide images to the home page and the portfolio page is non-existent. Is anyone else having these problems?

  193. Reply

    Dear Jennifer,
    after the upload of “the proton” theme, i have the following error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /membri/deabusiness/blog/wp-content/themes/proton_test/admin/post-options-list.php on line 1


    Same Problem here :( Anyone got a Idea??

  194. Reply

    Hi, i activated the theme, but slider is not working … what shall i do.. plz reply,,,,,

    Great work just for an freebie..
    Thanks for giving it as free theme

    1. Jenni

      You have created a beautifully elegant wordpress theme, far better than many paid-for “premium” themes. Do you not see that many posters hve downloaded the theme and cannot make it work?

      It is clearly very popular and could even be nominated for special awards but you are letting down your users by not providing a proper instruction on how to set it up. What would it take for you to provide a 5 minute video tutorial?

      Your promotional tag says ” it is easy for beginners ” No Jenni. It is not easy, or rather it is easy when you know how.

      So, do all your admiring users a very big favour and provide a propert video tutorial showing :-

      1. How to download it ( including the specific process and not just.. download the file )
      2. How to set up the home page with the slider without big gaps to the content of the page
      3. How to set up the other pages as a business website (not a blog) to include details of products with images etc

      In other words, help your users to make your theme one of the hottest picks of wordpress

      It’s your theme. it’s up to you. It can be one of the hottest picks or one of the most frustrating…

  195. Reply

    Hello Jenni,

    I need help. If possible, could you please take a look at this article on my blog, scroll down and look at the comments, and at least give me a hint what could be wrong with the layout? I’ve tried reinstalling the theme and even wordpress itself, but it did not solve the problem. Is it some faulty code in one of the PHP files, and if yes, then what?

    Comments after article:

    I would appreciate any small hint I could get from you.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Erwin Zoor

  196. Reply


    this theme is so beautiful and I want to create my first website with it. But it is not simple as I thought.

    I need help, please!

    I installed the gallery and the nivo slider as a plugin but the nivo slider appears in WP only under widget and I can put it in all sidebars but not in the header area. It will not shown up at the frontpage. Why not??

    Then my logo does not fit besides the navigation. It fits only if it is very very small. Can I change this in any way??
    And when I change the colour in brown the menue change also in brown, but I would like to have it in grey..??

    I am sorry, but this theme is not for a beginner- first it was so complicated to get it work in wordpress and now it is very difficult to handle this slider.. I am still working on it for two weeks!!! But this theme is so perfect for my website – I want to make it work – need a little help.

    Thanks a lot!
    Regards Regina

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  198. Reply

    Hi Jenni, since I discovery look for free theme then find TheProton theme, this theme is beautiful i have install and without any problem, thank you for provide beautiful theme it look professional theme,
    Hi all if you still having problem please download from the source then here is the way :
    1. unzip theme firstly then upload theProton_main_file from your ftp after that test it
    2. unzip and upload theProton_document-file ( delete templete theproton-theme-documentation )
    3. unzip psd then upload
    4. unzip TheProton_Demo_site then upload
    about slider I create new post don’t forget feature image then fill url this image into ( slide image URL )
    hope this help, thank you one again Jenni you are genius

  199. Reply

    I proud with TheProton theme one again I thank you You have create awesome theme, so let me help to other which probable having mistake install TheProton, so please read step by step my tutor installing TheProton theme,

  200. Reply

    it’s free? beautifull action.
    tnx a lot.

  201. Reply

    This is stupendous. Everything free, even the PSDs. Two thumbs up Jennifer!

  202. Reply

    Heloo Jeni, I have a little problem need to fix, black css when I check on pingdom tool was nothing, plss give me some code,
    thank you for your assistance

  203. Reply

    thanks for your free beautiful theme
    i have a problem that i copied a demo of this site when i enter the password the site told me that the password invalid
    can you send me the xml files of demo? so i can import the settings in my website

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  205. Reply

    Hi Jenni,

    I want to start by saying that you have created a stunning and elegant WordPress theme. A big thank you for giving this theme for free!

    I managed to install the Proton after a couple of hours, but this is as far as I got. I decided to write to you here because I am exhausted after spending the whole day trying to figure out how work with the rest of the theme.

    I wonder if you could be so kind and make a tutorial? It is not easy for beginners, so your help would be very much appreciated by everyone! =)

    Thank you!

  206. Reply

    Well done ! this WP Theme is impressive !

  207. Reply

    This free wordpress theme is really nice and stylish. I am going to try this with my new blog.

  208. Reply

    This one is a really a great theme. Simple, clean and elegant design and the best part is that it is free. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Gonna check out this soon on some of my blog :)

  209. Reply

    Indeed a very good looking theme, that’s for free.
    Thanks for sharing.

  210. Reply

    Amazing! But its too late for me, i have already buy a theme for my blog :(

  211. Reply

    I would like to thank you for giving me the access to the Proton download. This will be a great addition to my site. thanks again

  212. Reply

    This theme is very cool and excellent one.

  213. Reply

    I cannot get a member of the “Featured Posts” visible on my site.

    The strange thing is that the “Hello World” test page was automatically set as a member of the “Featured Post” but when I went into the Admin Dashboard, there were no settings checked that would make the “Hello World” a member. What is more is that I could not get my other blogs to display as a member of the “Featured Posts”.

    Please advise. What do I do?

  214. Reply

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  215. Reply

    Awesome wordpress theme and that too for free…. :) thanks, will install this theme on two of my blogs…

  216. Reply

    I’d really like to help appreciate it intended for presenting everyone this having access to this Proton get. This will be an incredible improvement to help the web page. appreciate it all over again.

  217. Reply

    Hi Nice one, currently i am using thesis theme and like the TheProton if we purchase this theme can we get same features that you mentioned in the article?
    Thanks for Sharing

  218. Reply

    Hello Jenni R.
    You explained about these themes is very good. I really like the way you explain it. Good job. I am gonna change my theme now. Lol

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